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A history of science and the spiritual history of a scientist. Wu Wenjun, Yuan Longping, Tu Youyou, Liu Yongtan, Qian Qihu... The moving deeds of the winners of the National Science and Technology Awards have been widely publicized.They have explained the core connotation of the spirit of scientists in the new era with their own actions.After years of development and improvement, the scientific and technological reward system has also created a social atmosphere of advocating science and respecting scientists in the whole society, encouraging more scientific and technological workers to climb the peak of science and technology and carry forward the spirit of scientists.


Scientists are the explorers and leaders in the trend of technological development, and the brightest star in our hearts. There has never been a smooth path on the path of science, and only those who are brave enough to climb it have hope of reaching the summit of glory. A successful scientific achievement may be based on a mountain of experimental data, based on a one-off failure, behind years of hard work, some generations of painstaking efforts. Because of this, with a hot \"research heart \", willing to sit for decades\" cold bench \", can endure loneliness, assiduous research, difficult to overcome, is the common spiritual characteristics of excellent science and technology workers.


Science and technology workers should have the endurance and ability to sit on the bench. Many outstanding scientists emerged in our country day after day in their respective fields of scientific research, dedicated to the study, with a full of enthusiasm \"heat\" a \"cold bench \", to create a fruitful scientific research. Meditation, no distraction, no impetuosity... They are willing to sit on the bench, willing to \"decades of hard work,\" indifferent to fame and wealth, dedication to research, is our precious wealth, worthy of vigorous promotion.


Give tech workers a greater sense of gain. Carrying forward the spirit of \"cold bench\" does not mean that only pay, not return. In recent years, China has constantly worked hard and chewed hard on the reform of the science and technology reward system, and has successively issued a series of policy documents to free scientific and technological workers by encouraging them to transform their scientific and technological achievements and start their own businesses. The National Science and Technology Awards Conference, with its national honors and high bonuses, recognizes and rewards scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions to the country, society and the people. Only by creating a good scientific research environment for the vast number of scientific and technological workers, so that they can have dignity, treatment and development, can they better serve scientific research and attract more people to join the ranks of the brave scientific peak.


“To startle, to be an incognito." Looking back on the history of new china in more than 70 years, it is because generations of scientific and technological workers who have not been afraid of hardship and are willing to be lonely continue to struggle, never stop the pace of exploring the unknown, to create many amazing development miracles of the world. Today, on the great journey of the new era, we praise them, call for them, but also encourage the younger generation to carry on this spirit of "cold bench ", write more wonderful innovative dedication story, create a new era of science and technology innovation more bright future.