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E-commerce executives must read every week, e-commerce inventory. Exclusive in-depth interpretation of Ali, JingDong, Amazon important strategic action. Scan industry key news, go on, events or numbers, leather industry rut, also welcome you to add, a hot discussion. .....


In response to the \"fast-hand shop cannot get online taobao goods link \", taobao responded that all partners have maintained an open attitude to cooperation. Content e-commerce needs to have a rich and diversified, transparent and efficient business ecology, as well as a mature and perfect platform governance system to support the healthy development,\" we are willing to cooperate with more platforms to jointly promote the healthy development of the industry \". In addition, the fast hand side responded that because the system upgrade, the current Taobao goods cannot be audited for the time being, but also please wait patiently.


Fast hands have previously won tencent investment, but in making money this matter, there is no need to exclude taobao alliance, but taobao alliance and other channels of merchants in commission advantage, is not as good as chopsticks star selection and fast hand-built shop.


Selected chopsticks and fast hand-built shop only charged 5% of the actual transaction amount as a commission, taobao alliance, likes, pinduoduo three channels of promotion will get the actual promotion commission 50%, the old iron is naturally willing to promote the higher amount of money, naturally more willing to do chopsticks star selection and fast hand-built shop.


January 1 news,2020 new year's day, poison app officially launched brand upgrade, renamed \"get things \". After the change of name, the platform positioning, existing products and services remain unchanged, remains a trendy online shopping community for young consumers.


About the e-commerce change of name, there have been precedents, such as Su Ning electrical appliances changed to Su Ning cloud merchants, and then changed to SUNING. Change of name will not have any material impact, but will let the enterprise development ideas more clearly communicated to the user through the name, so as to make an impression to reduce the cost of memory.


In the past, only by name, users couldn't tell what the company was doing, and the lack of brand direction led to a lack of awareness. Now the poison has become a trendy e-commerce unicorn, from the initial identification and shoe culture to the development of adult GMV over 10 billion vertical e-commerce, and after the DST investment in the value of $1 billion. As the younger generation becomes the main consumer,\" poison \"to provide a better trend of online shopping experience, must have a clearer brand positioning. Therefore, in order to develop more clearly, upgrading the enterprise brand name to \"get things\" means helping users get good things.


On january 2, taobao plans to launch a new version before the spring festival, moving \"10 billion subsidies \"out of the cluster page, making \"10 billion subsidies\" a primary entry to taobao app, whose entrance area may exceed the existing cluster calculation. Ali officials responded by saying that resources would indeed be skewed towards a billion-dollar pool of subsidies, but the specific approach was still being studied. On wednesday, ali announced that since the launch of its $10 billion package on december 11th, the event page has racked up more than 50 million visits.


On the battlefield of tens of billions of subsidies, ali, jingdong and pinduoduo are all fighting each other: on the one hand, with pinduoduo increasing its tens of billions of subsidies, more and more brands are entering pinduoduo, and the unit price of customers is gradually rising; on the other hand, jingdong has also begun to \"super billions of subsidies \". Ali is a situation that has to be followed up, from a small entrance to the subsidy is not simply, just a small pilot.


In addition, in the case of last year's double eleven, the jingdong and pinduoduo who are really doing the promotion are more popular, because most consumers already know the way tmall prices go up and down. Ali should also realize that rational consumers are becoming more and more difficult to cheat and should make some real changes.


If Taobao really \"10 billion subsidies \"to add to the first-level entrance, it is real. But on the other hand, pinduoduo was dragged down. Ten billions of subsidies will attract a group of \"woollens \", some of them real, but a larger number of them are\" woollens \"with no loyalty. But Taobao has to do, can be said to be a last resort.


Taobao will again work with the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, according to the source, with the focus on promoting a multi-billion-dollar subsidy that has just been launched at the end of 2019. This year's taobao tmall focus on the 10 billion subsidies business, has also sponsored jiangsu tv, beijing tv's 2020 cross-year concert, or b station 2020 cross-year party exclusive name. Earlier, Fast Hand announced it would be the exclusive interactive partner for the 2020 Spring Festival Gala, with a $1 billion cash red envelope for New Year's Eve.


New tens of billions of subsidies and Spring Festival Gala cooperation, through a return of my Hu Han-san and momentum in the heart. From Jiangsu Satellite TV to Beijing Satellite TV to B Station and Spring Festival Gala, it is enough to show that Ali attaches great importance to the new gathering.


It's not too late for Ali to make up for this time around, but it's not enough to pay for the money, it's less demanding for small and medium-sized businesses, and it's indisputable that if Ali can't solve these two problems, it's still not possible in the long run. And pinduoduo attaches great importance to algorithms, as in the headlines, the pinduoduo kernel is not an e-commerce business, but a technology company. If Ali only and pinduoduo spell subsidies, it really did not hit seven inches.


December 30 news, Su Ning has started 2020 C2M investment. It is reported that this investment is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturers, the first batch of concentrated in furniture, beauty makeup, grain and oil and mother and child categories. In January 2020, Su Ning will sign a C2M investment cooperation agreement with the first 20 enterprises in Baoding, Hebei.


Buying as a shortcut to opening up the sinking market should be guided by consumer demand. The sinking market is price sensitive and does not require high quality of goods, but focuses on a combination of uses. We've been saying that the C2M model can "demand customization" and "debranding ", so it's becoming an area of investment in e-commerce. Because C2M can optimize the supply chain cost and guarantee “homogeneity different price ”.


Until now, pinduoduo had been passing through the c2m layout home category, so that was no precedent. Su Ning will be the first C2M investment in home beauty makeup category of small and medium-sized manufacturers, is a more robust attempt. But this model has its drawbacks, it is difficult to establish a new brand, and has been highly branded categories, reuse C2M needs time, small and medium-sized enterprises are more suitable. And Su Ning intelligent technology mature, precipitation data, more easy to collect user search data, have the above basis, Su Ning to buy C2M mode is not too difficult.


On december 30th it emerged that at the 2019 new national goods festival, xiaohua tuo, senior director of amazon's asia-pacific market and strategic development department, said that retail e-commerce sales accounted for more than 20% of global retail sales by 2023, and that chinese e-commerce had the highest penetration rate of 37% in the global market. Mr. Tuo believes that domestic goods are emerging as a new trend, with hundreds of thousands of Chinese sellers on Amazon now facing a broad global market to sell goods to the world through cross-border e-commerce.


Due to the impact of trade friction, the growth of foreign trade orders is weak, domestic huge capacity is still not digested, foreign demand is not met. cross-border export e-commerce, which is an opportunity for the factory. But from production to front desk to face consumers, this is what they are not good at, this ability needs to be accumulated. We all crossed the river with a touch of stone.


On january 2nd jolly chic announced that its online payment platform, jollypay, had recently received a saudi local payment licence, becoming the only overseas company in the gulf co-operation committee member states to hold the licence. The payment licence received by Royal Payments is the second this year after its UAE payment licence. The acquisition of the payment licence ensures that JollyPay engages in licensing country and cross-border Internet payments, merchant collection, settlement and sale of foreign exchange, exchange and so on. It has now completed its system docking with several Saudi banks and supports the global networking of a number of receiving agencies.


Meat gang is a fresh retail chain brand, the main community fresh retail shop, the main feature is \"good meat, cheap food \", to provide consumers with high-quality table ingredients and convenient community service. It is reported that the Meat Alliance to obtain round A financing, Longzhu Capital (Meituan Dianping Industrial Fund) investment.


The lazy dragon is a agricultural and sideline products supply chain platform, with the egg supply chain integration as the entry point, aims to create the agricultural and sideline products supply chain platform. Determined to create a new B2B2C fresh industry chain. Recently completed 23 million yuan A round of financing, this round of investors for Xinghan Capital, Junshang Capital and Starting Capital with the investment, the cumulative financing of 50 million. Founder qi jianhua said that the current round of financing will be used for regional expansion, will continue in the egg product chain circulation link to the upstream and downstream extension, while considering building its own 2c brand.


Snowman Logistics is an integrated cold chain logistics service provider dedicated to the integrated cold chain logistics business of providing warehousing, distribution and value-added services. Snowman has more than 30% capacity among India's integrated organized cold chain service providers and is a market leader in cold chain logistics. Adani Group has bought Snowman Logistics Ltd for a price of 100 million rupees. majority stake, thus entering the cold chain logistics.


Legendary Foods, a German dairy manufacturer of milk-free milk proteins, uses biotechnology to convert nutrients into milk proteins to provide users with a full range of food services. Recently completed $4.7 million angel round financing, the investors are Merck KGaA, Agronomics.


Whizar uses state-of-the-art AI technology to help travel agencies collect money from the table by generating new savings and increasing conversion rates for bookings. Just at the right time to buy tickets for the online travel agency at the minimum price. Based on AI ' s SaaS platform, travel agencies can get the best future ticket based on the forecast. by exploiting AI networks that so far only belong to other complex domains. With $2.7 million in financing recently completed, lead investor Anna Partners has focused on investing in tourism technology. Erez Shmull's first investor, Erez Shmull's Talma Traveland Tours, has increased its stake in Whizar in the current round of funding.